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Functional Flow

What is The Egoscue Method?


The Egoscue Method is a form of postural therapy used to eliminate chronic pain and increase functional mobility.

Function Flow is designed to balance musculature and restore our bodies natural position. Attending weekly postural alignment classes will help to keep your body in alignment resulting in a decrease of symptom and physical limitation.

Our Egoscue Method postural alignment specialist will take you through a series of corrective exercises with verbal instruction and visual demonstration.

April 5th - May 9th


Get 5 weeks of Group Training with designed workouts that will you to YOUR limits. Classes led by knowledgeable coaches that have your safety as a priority.

Must not have completed a camp or promotion within the last 6 months

Next Level Fitness Center Spring Camp

April Spring Camp

at next level Fitness Center

We are the only gym in the Rocklin/Roseville/Granite Bay area to offer you 100% certified Spartan SGX training to get you ready for any obstacle course that comes your way!

Next Level Fitness Roseville

Get THe change you want.

We believe in establishing a fun and safe culture where hard work and encouragement go hand in hand.

Next Level Fitness Roseville


You are busy! That is why we offer many different workouts at many different times. Your goals are our goals, no matter the time. Hours are subject to change so please call to ensure the training you want to attend is available at the time listed.


Strength Training

Members can come during this time and workout with a trainer to focus exclusively on building strength and muscle in a team setting.

Mon & Wed






9:00am - 10:00am








5:30p-6:30p (Not Friday)

Spartan Training

Do you have an obstacle course, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race to get ready for? We have trainers who have not only done these races but know exactly how to get you ready for your race and give you an edge over your competition.


7:00a - 8:30a

Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga is Vinyasa remixed. Buti is the Indian Marathi word that means the cure to something that has been hidden or kept secret. The movements in a Buti class are designed to encourage body confidence. These movements include dynamic yoga sequencing, cardio dance sprints, and deep core conditioning. Buti classes are music driven, no 8 count reps here. This style of movement gets you out of your head + back into your Body!

Every Saturday @ 10a

See social media for next class. Open to non-members.

Not a member? Drop in to any session for $15.



I have had a few different trainers in the past couple of years. Most of them will listen and help you keep your form while exercising and help to motivate you. Eric is very different. He will do all the things a good trainer does, plus keep you accountable to your goals. He will ask what your goals are, then keep you on track with achieving them. More than once while exercising he would ask me if I was Ok. When I said, yes, he would then let me know I wasn't lifting heavy enough (or working fast enough). For the goals I have, that is the push I need to help me make it to those goals.Thank You Coach E!!!!


—  Jeff

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Punch Card

If you like dropping in when you feel like it and do not want a monthly membership, our punch card program was made for you.



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