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Video Testimonials

Watch our member's stories for yourself. Next Level Fitness Center members are a family and your success is our success. That is why we are one of the fastest growing gyms in Roseville, CA.


I have had a few different trainers in the past couple of years. Most of them will listen and help you keep your form while exercising and help to motivate you. Eric is very different. He will do all the things a good trainer does, plus keep you accountable to your goals. He will ask what your goals are, then keep you on track with achieving them. More than once while exercising he would ask me if I was Ok. When I said, yes, he would then let me know I wasn't lifting heavy enough (or working fast enough). For the goals I have, that is the push I need to help me make it to those goals.Thank You Coach E!!!!


—  Jeff


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