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Next Level Fitness Center, located in Roseville, CA, is all about creating goals, making a plan to attain them, tracking data, and celebrating each individual's success. Read about the transformations of some of our members!


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Cristin has been training at Next Level Fitness Center in Roseville, CA since 2018. She joined because she "needed to get her butt kicked and get back into exercising and had followed Eric from a previous gym he trained at and she needed a new place to motivate her." 


Read why she loves Next Level Fitness Center: "I love the atmosphere, I love the people, I love the workouts, pretty much everything I love about Next Level."


From Cristin on her transformation: "I actually have increased my strength pretty dramatically as far as deadlifting, I can do 235 pounds. Squatting, 205 pounds. In addition to that, that comes with body fat percentage and weight loss. So overall, my strength and health have greatly improved!"


Her thoughts on Coach Eric's style: "Eric is very hands on. He really cares about his members. He really cares if you are doing it correctly. He wants everybody to improve and he treats everyone individually so I think that really benefits all of the members."


Who should join NL? "Everybody should join NL. Anyone who wants to kick their energy up or take their fitness to the next level!"

If you're looking for a community to join to get real results, you have found your tribe!

You can also stop by and talk to Coach Eric about what your goals are and try our gym for free for a session!


Next Level Fitness Center - Best Gym in Roseville, CA

Teresa has been training at Next Level Fitness Center in Roseville, CA since October 2018. She joined because her "gym was closing and she needed a new place to work out." 


Read why she loves Next Level Fitness Center: "I love the workouts and the camaraderie of the members. I like that the workouts are mixed up all the time and that I feel like I am getting a full body workout all the time and I am not just working one muscle all of the time."


Teresa is most proud of her body fat percentage decrease and the strength she has gained in her upper body and the muscle definition she has gained.


Her thoughts on Coach Eric's style: "He is very motivating. He can bring things to a modified workout if you need modifications. If you let him know what is hurting, he can work around that. He is very knowledgeable!"

Next Level Fitness Center's motto is "Come Willing, Leave Able." Teresa said she feels that is 100% accurate because "I feel that is totally what it is here at Next Level. You come willing and you are able because you are so motivated by everyone around. You, including the coach."


Who should join NL? "Anybody who wants to bring their fitness to the next level!"

Looking to challenge yourself further than you ever thought possible?

Next Level Fitness Center - spartan Gym in Roseville, CA

José has been training at Next Level Fitness Center in Roseville, CA since March 2019. He joined because he "wanted to be in shape again. I used to do spartan 5 years ago and I was in pretty good shape and I moved to Sacramento 2 years ago and there wasn’t any Spartan gym for me to train at. I did a quick search on Spartan's website and I found Eric as an SGX coach.


Read why he loves Next Level Fitness Center: "There is more than one favorite part! All of the workouts are a challenge and everyone is different. There is also a challenge every day! Also, the people you meet here, the coach, he is a great coach. He challenges you, he pushes you. He can take you to wherever you want to go. He focuses on your endurance and strength."


José said, "I lost weight, I lost some measurements on my waist and I gained a lot of strength since I’ve been here. Eric is kicking me on every workout. Five weeks since my first assessment, and I’ve gained a lot of strength."


His thoughts on Coach Eric's style: "He has a really good way to push you. Even if the class has 15 people or 2, he is always checking on every single one of us; making sure we have the best posture and the best form, to prevent injuries. I have developed a great relationship with him. It is the way I like to be pushed. He adapts to every single person. That’s the way he is."

Next Level Fitness Center's motto is "Come Willing, Leave Able." José said he feels that is accurate because "you come willing to be better in a lot of ways. Not only physically but you go home and you feel like you are achieving something else than just lifting weights."


Who should join NL? "I think everybody. I see people of all ages, all fitness levels here. Everyone is welcome!"

We have a schedule of workouts for any busy life! Night and morning classes.

Next Level Fitness Center - H.I.I.T. Gym in Roseville, CA

Mary has been training at Next Level Fitness Center in Roseville, CA since January 2019. She joined saying "I needed a change. I wasn’t happy about where I was physically or mentally. I showed up one day as a guest and I got hooked."


Read why she loves Next Level Fitness Center: "

The support that everybody provides. When you don’t think you can do it, someone's always saying encouraging things. 


Read what Mary is most proud of: "Pretty much everything I’ve done. I couldn’t do a pushup when I first started and now I’m doing I don’t know how many. I couldn’t do a box jump, I couldn’t run, I had a very big wall of 'I can’t, I can’t' and now it like, 'what’s next?'"


Her thoughts on Coach Eric's style: "I think he really checks in with each individual and he encourages you when he sees you can push it to the next level. I just really like how he checks in with everybody no matter what station you are at."

Next Level Fitness Center's motto is "Come Willing, Leave Able." Mary said she feels that is accurate because "It’s 100 percent true. Before coming to the gym, I had an 'I can’t' attitude. Now I come here and I’m like, 'what is going to be today and that looks hard but I’m going to try it anyway'. It is a lot of mental stuff."


Who should join NL? "Anyone who just wants a change. Anyone who is looking for a close knit, supportive group of people. Anyone who is looking to completely transform their physique and anyone who wants to get stronger."

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